Non-Contact Hand Hygiene Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener Elevator Handle Key

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KEEP HAND CLEAN - EDC door opener are widely used to open & close doors, click elevators, pull chairs, flush toilet and carry grocery bags. Not only can avoid touching and polluting yourself, but also reduce the risk of bacterial transmission.


AVOID DIRECT TOUCH - EDC door opener can replace your access to public equipment and keep your hands clean. This is a good way to prevent cross-contamination.


EASY CARRY - The portable health tool is only 50g, diameter: 8.3 x 41.6 x 100mm. You can put it in your bag, pocket. It is convenient for you to carry.


SAFE & DURABLE - EDC door opener is made of brass. It can reduce pollution. Lightweight and durable.
In special periods, the zero-touch health hand is suitable for use in various public places. Prevent yourself from being polluted.


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